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shirt pressing machine at green dry cleaners

you never know what you’re going to learn when you go back to school.  our fashion class took a fascinating field trip to a green dry cleaner in monterey.  the owner, who has been in the business for over 50 years, gave us a riveting tutorial about the dry cleaning process, the deplorable state of clothing manufacture these days, and the many amazing machines that contribute to the process of cleaning your garments.

first we were encouraged to smell and feel a sample of the green dry-cleaning fluid, which looked for all the world like water, but felt oilier.  it is made of silicon, which is made from tiny particles of sand.  it is described as completely harmless and recyclable (although esme noted that it probably would not be a good thing to get it in your eye).

this clear greenearth cleaner goes into a gigantic stainless steel washing machine, made in italy and very expensive.  the machine both cleans and dries the clothing, which comes out supple, soft to the touch, and completely odorless.  the greenearth fluid gets used over and over again, recycled by the machine.  i want one of those machines!

then we witnessed various mechanical devices for pressing, steaming, and aligning both dry-cleaned and washed clothing.  one such device for pressing shirts consisted of a form upon which the shirt is fitted with devices like hand-cuffs for the arms (shades of gray, anyone??)  the push of a button presses the body of the shirt between two forms, while the arms pouf out with hot air—indescribable, but the results were impressive!

this place is called VAPOR CLEANERS.  if you have a green cleaner in your area, it would be worth checking out!




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