by admin on May 6, 2012

new moon in santa clarita

esme and mr. noir trundled down to so. cal to attend christophe’s graduation.  esme had packed her graduation outfit, complete with co-ordinating hat and purse, as well as all the sleeveless/linen/warm-weather clothes she could dig out of her closet.  she had even taken the precaution of purchasing a sun-protective shawl from coolibar, used to good effect on the trip down.

the journey down was auspicious.  they left in the early afternoon, encountered hardly any traffic, narrowly avoided being crashed into by an errant jeep, and found a really good chinese restaurant (new moon) in santa clarita (using siri!).  the hotel (obsessed over for days on yelp etc.) turned out to be cheap and pleasant with an amazingly adequate swimming pool and a quiet room with a peek of the marina del rey harbor  (the marina international hotel).

marina international hotel

they arrived too late at night to  do any people-watching.  however, they had left themselves a day to recover from the drive and had high hopes for a visit with christophe and ms. m. the next day, as well as a trip to a jewish deli (mr. noir) and some shopping in santa monica (esme).

to be continued……

so so. cal!,



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