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graduation outfit

the irony of it:  after esme had obsessed for months about what to wear to christophe’s graduation, worried about making the long drive, concerned herself about sunburn, kept her fingers crossed that christophe really would graduate (of course he would!), guess what happened?

just as we were stepping out of the shower, our carefully chosen outfits laid out on the bed, a call came in from ms. m.  eli was really sick!  ms. m. described him as “ashen” and was unsure she should leave him alone.  apparently he’d been felled by a sudden and severe bout of some sort of stomach illness.  of course we all insisted that ms. m. go to the ceremony.  christophe managed to communicate that he just needed to be left alone to sleep.  what now?

we decided to stay on call for christophe, and wound up watching the ceremony live on line in our bathrobes.  esme got shivers just viewing the graduates processing to their seats—imagine if she’d been there in person.  i will confess that it was rather nice to see the proceedings from the comfort of one’s hotel room, but how sad that we didn’t see christophe walk and hear his name ring out:  christophe r. noir, with honors!

esme also missed seeing what the other mothers were wearing.  she did encounter one mom at breakfast.  this lady was wearing 6 inch black stilettos, black stockings, a knee-length animal print sheath dress, and a black wrap! hey, i thought we were warned that “women may not wish to wear heels” (due to the grass).  well, she looked quite chic, and was likely one of those incomprehensible women who are not comfortable without at least a 4 inch heel.

esme will show you a photo of her final outfit, which she was able to wear to dinner.  and christophe revived briefly that evening, only to hasten back to bed overcome by malaise.

the graduates

the best laid plans……



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