by admin on May 8, 2012

proud father and esme, yale class of 1975

you know what’s making esme sad?  seeing photos from christophe’s graduation trickle up to facebook.  but we weren’t there, so we missed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  no photos of the be-robed graduate shaking the president’s hand.  no proud parents flanking the wearer of the cap and gown.  no little groupings of christophe and friends with the university in the background……esme tried to snap a photo of christophe’s alma mater from the 405, but it didn’t come out—i guess we were just going too fast, as one does in l.a. when the traffic isn’t stop and go.

LMU from the 405, 2012

and poor christophe is still abed, having seen the doctor, been subjected to tests, and put on antibiotics and a couple of other anti’s.  a mother can’t help worrying.  and he was certainly in no shape for a photo-shoot.  at least we left him with a life-time supply of ginger ale and saltines.

and it’s such a strange feeling:  our son is no longer a student.  no more college bills.  but no more student discounts either. no more university health service.  there he is, his first day as a college graduate, stuck in bed with a mysterious gastroenteritis while the rest of the graduates party hardy, awake with a hangover, and open bleary eyes to the next phase of life.

did i mention that although i made sure to teach christophe how to do laundry before he stared college, apparently i neglected to instruct him in basic house-cleaning.  i suppose it’s never too late.

a bit sadly,



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