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desigual drop-crotch jeans on 3rd ave., santa monica

if esme were ever to move to l.a. she’d have to live in one of it’s little beach towns.  i love those towns:  manhattan beach, santa monica, newport beach, and so on.  i’d have a little bungalow, or maybe an art deco flat. it would be a few blocks up from the beach in case of global warming or tsunami, and it would have a mud-room for the surfer dudes in the family to leave their surfing duds and the swimmers to dry their hot pink rashguards and snorkles.

the only problem is, i assure you that i could never leave town on my own.  those freeways give me the willies!  i did note that, at least in christophe’s part of town, sepulveda blvd. runs north and south all along the coast.  in case of emergency, i guess i could always take the slow route and avoid the freeway altogether.

the beach towns also have great shopping.  my excellent chauffeur, mr. noir, took us first to the third street promenade in santa monica.  a shopper’s paradise!  the first thing esme spotted was a window with fantastical clothes, which turned out to be desigual.  i’ve seen this line in magazines, but never in person.  and this was an entire shop devoted to the line!  it is characterized by eccentric shapes and wild ornamentation.  i was sooo tempted to try on a pair of drop-waist jeans with the crotch near the ankle and a flirty skirt with squiggles and lines.  mr. noir, however, was not amused.  so we pushed on.

a large j. crew with cashmere.  zarabenetton.  mr. noir even found a book store (barnes and noble), a true rarity these days.  esme will confess that she became faint with hunger and fatigue before she could explore them all and had to stop for a pink berry yogurt (christophe has been telling me about pink berry for years).

even more amazing than the shops, however, was the street style.  when we had visited l.a. oh 3 years ago, everyone was wearing….well, practically nothing.  this time, maxi-dresses were the rage.  many people were garbed in black.  skinny jeans were in the minority, having given way to slouchy pants.  and a big trend seemed to be long transparent skirts with an underlying miniskirt—a cool look i thought.  esme tried to snap a photo of a chic young woman wearing just such an outfit, but by the time she took the photo, the woman was about the size of a pin.

santa monica style

esme could have spent hours on third street, but her chauffeur was ready to head home for a gin and tonic, so off they went (ever-so-slowly in the late afternoon traffic).

coulda kept shopping,




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