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manhattan beach scene

more maxi-skirts, more slouchy pants, more black…… but while 3rd street in santa monica houses the best of the big box stores, manhattan beach’s manhattan beach blvd. is the land of boutiques and outdoor cafes.

esme barely scratched the surface of the shopping possibilities.  one of the first shops she entered, MANDARINE, had an impressive sale rack.  in what turned out to be her only purchase of the trip, esme snagged a wonderful gray on gray maxi-skirt with diagonal stripes for $15!  she wore it that evening with a short-sleeved black gap t, a long cotton coat, and her black sandals–perfect!

striped maxi skirt from MANDARINE

she and mr. noir spent a good deal of time at a tiny but most interesting boutique called IVY BLUE.  intriguing pieces by t by alexander wang and other designers that esme has not come across in carmel.  this store also had quite the sale rack.  mr. noir picked out a sort of cocoon wrap thing in cream with a floral design. esme tried on a pair of olive t by alexander wang pants that went nicely with the cocoon.  she also tried a lovely black silk dress with one of those high-in-front-low-in-back hemlines that are so in these days.  oh, she almost bought the pants and the cocoon, but the pants tugged in a funny way when she lifted her knee, and she took this as a warning sign that something in the fit was not quite right.  (you see, i’ve learned a lot from my fashion class!)

the hi-lo hem was an interesting experiment.   very comfortable and breezy, but what it did was highlight esme’s knees, which truly are not her best body part.  not only did the front of the hem come above the knee, but the knee and lower leg were highlighted by the back of the hem.  if you have great knees, this would be a fabulous sort of frock to own. if not, not.  although esme might have been tempted to try it with black tights if she’d had a bit more time.  well, i wished i’d thought to take a photo (or then again maybe not), so you’ll have to use your imagination or try one of these hi-lo dresses yourself.

here it is from the IVY BLUE website!

still thinking about that pants-and-cocoon outfit,



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