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j. crew top with theory pants

i don’t know about you, but whenever esme plans a trip (which is actually not very often these days), she becomes obsessed with shopping for things to wear for said trip.  her rationale tends to be a change in climate, given that most places the noirs have traveled in recent years are considerably warmer than carmel.

for her trip to l.a. esme pulled a number of quite ancient warm-weather items from the back of her closet.  she found a cotton/linen cp shades blouse and maxi-skirt (!) that she had purchased in santa fe in the ’90’s (note that SHE in the carmel crossroads carries this brand).   a black cotton duster with large faux wood buttons purchased on sale several years ago at PACIFIC RIM.  a pair of baggy black linen cut loose pants from the early 2000’s.  the white linen-spandex theory pants she had worn last spring in chicago.  one pair of black merrell sandals (i’ve gotten tons of compliments on these and they are supremely comfy) and one pair of bronze naot sandals.

her obsessive mother-of-the-graduate shopping also netted her a few new pieces:  wide-leg light tan trousers;  a blue cotton/linen t cut on the bias;  a loose linen sweater in teal; her hard-to-come-by j crew sailor top with hot-pink neckline.  all but the latter were by cut loose and purchased at PACIFIC RIM in carmel.

even though the weather was a surprise (it was just barely warmer than carmel), esme ended up being quite pleased with the items she packed.  her fabrics were linen and cotton.  her dominant colors tan, black and blue.  many pieces could be mixed and matched.  nothing was tight, and yet i believe she avoided excess bagginess.  and thank goodness she brought a nude camisole and the black duster for warmth!

glad to be home,


going home: cp shades top with theory pants and bronze sandals

dorothy dress from quelques choses


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