by admin on May 14, 2012

monochromatic outfit with 2 pieces (photos courtesy of mr. noir)

monochromatic outfit with addition of a third element (black and silver necklace)

now i can see that i’m going to have to come up with a rule of three- part 3.  but let’s not put the cart before the horse:  first, part 2.

esme loves monochromatic outfits, especially gray on gray or black on black.  interestingly enough, the rule of three applies even if one is wearing all one color.   here is a black on black outfit that’s one of the first things esme bought from SYLVIE in the carmel plaza:  a pair of loose but structured pants by dressed to kill and a boxy knit sweater by planet.  this has become one of esme’s favorite outfits.

however, with just the two pieces it’s fine, but not compelling.  add a third piece that echoes the black and adds a touch of silver, et voila!  an outfit to notice!  in addition, the necklace lends a bit of verticality, badly needed by both esme herself and the volume on volume outfit.  this combo also looks great with esme’s red coat and a pair of chunky boots (perhaps we should call this the rule of three plus….).

a variation on monochromatic dressing, also dear to esme’s heart, is tone on tone.  this involves wearing two or more items of similar color but (duh) in different tones.  it often works well with taupes and grays, and not so well with blacks.  and of course, tends to look punchier if you have at least 3 different tones.

tone on tone outfit with (4?) tones

still dreaming in three’s,




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