THE RULE OF THREE PART 3–triads vs. dyads

by admin on May 15, 2012

two of each

esme has been both excited and embarrassed by her recent discovery of the rule of three (i.e. that it takes at least 3 related elements to make an outfit interesting and complete).  she is excited for countless reasons, not the least of which is that, by following this rule, she suddenly finds herself much more pleased by her appearance.  and embarrassed because it has taken her so long to really “get” this idea, an idea basic to any visual field.

but she has come up with a few excuses.  first of all, until she started her fashion classes at the local j.c., she had absolutely zero training in the visual arts.  she can’t draw, sew, or decorate herself out of a box!

secondly, she has always been a deeply dyadic sort.  introverts usually are, much preferring one-on-one social encounters to anything larger.  she is happiest with a single best friend.  she is profoundly monogamous.  she is even an avowedly single-dog person, having trouble imagining being one of those people who has 2, 3 or even more canines!

and thirdly (of course), esme is one of those people who simplify when under stress.  while many of her friends seem to add more and more activities, relationships and commitments, getting busier and busier and busier, esme tends to subtract.  (well, you wouldn’t know from looking at her closet!) indeed, much of her jewelry remains unworn, because when she tries it on, she decides she looks better without it.

so, all things considered, it should not be surprising that esme has spent most of her life thinking of an outfit as one top and one bottom, with shoes and coats serving purely practical functions.  imagine how exciting it is to think that your shirt and your pants can play with your shoes and jacket and scarf, and have tons of fun doing so!  it’s overwhelming!

mind you, esme is not about to adopt another dog, try a threesome, or have another child.  but perhaps she will work on decorating her dog, her husband and her son with a few collars and ties and hats……maybe she’ll even join a few groups or add sugar to her coffee and milk!

that’s my story and i’m sticking to it!





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