by admin on May 16, 2012

wonderful paisley maxi-dress, with body

the ladies of the locker room were all agog as they witnessed the statuesque ms. l. slither into the most fabulous maxi-dress i’ve seen in awhile.  fit and tan from daily swimming, ms l. looked like a goddess in the halter-top paisley that perfectly suited her complexion and even picked up the colors of her tattoo!

we usually see ms. l. dressed tastefully and a bit severely for work, but this day she was able to give free rein to her sartorial imagination.  and it just happened to be one of the first sunny days we’ve had around here in awhile.  just in case of cold, however, (or a sudden attack of modesty) ms. l.  had brought along a drapey navy wrap that could be tied sensuously about the waist.

ms. l., esme, and a goodly group of ladies of the locker room all enjoyed the photo-shoot, even proffering suggestions as to poses, angles, etc.  in this case, a picture is worth a thousand words:  enjoy!

maxi-dress with wrap

now if only mr. noir and his fancy camera could have taken these photos…….



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