by admin on May 17, 2012

sun protection astride camel

speaking of tans, esme is doing her best to AVOID them this summer.  and she gathers she is not alone.  some of the fashion mags are reporting that alabaster is in.  i’ve always admired a virgin epidermis, but they’re terribly rare in my generation.  mine, of course, is the worse for wear from years of random exposure.

a spring/summer car trip is an excellent way to get too much sun.  esme usually tries to wear long sleeves when driving down to l.a. or points south.  she even dons her tilley hat, set at an angle that’s more silly than rakish, to keep off the afternoon sun.  however, for some time she’s been thinking about a wrap or shawl or just a big piece of fabric that might be used to cover whatever part is exposed to the sun on a long drive.

coolibar sun shawl

she found just the thing on the coolibar website:  a sun shawl big enough to wrap around one’s neck and arms, or to cover one’s lap and feet.  she ordered one right up, and it was most useful on the trip to l.a.  it could even be anchored under the tilley hat to create a sort of bedouin-like garment.  esme imagined herself as lawrence of arabia astride a horse (wait a sec…make that a camel) in the desert sands.  check these out.  the only regret esme has is that she ordered the shawl in a neutral but quite unflattering color: sand or light tan or something like that.  next time she’ll go for purple!

coolibar also makes these rather odd-looking things to protect one’s arms while driving.  mr. noir has had his eye on one for some time, so esme got him a little pre-trip present.  although not fashion-forward, these arm-protectors are very useful and comfy.  esme borrowed mr. noir’s when she took her turn to drive.

now all i need is the camel!




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