by admin on May 18, 2012

hot pink rash guard with short sleeves and zipper from coolibar

esme has been feeling fitter and fitter these days and swimming more and more laps!  then, of course, she’s ready for a long nap!  there are people who claim to get more energy the more they exercise, but esme is not one of them.  yes, she feels great, but she also feels tired!  esme has also found that the longer you swim, the more you need sun-protection. and it’s really true that you can get burned/tanned on an overcast day:  just swim for a day without sunscreen or rash guard and check the swim-suit lines on your back the next day.

esme has been reluctant to wear her purple long-sleeved rash guard every day.  it’s very effective, but creates an unwelcome amount of drag. she has found herself making excuses to go sans rash guard, and then ending up with undeniable swim-suit lines.

so she figured it was time to try a short-sleeved rash guard. it’s quite a challenge to find a rash guard with a zipper (they are really hard to pull over one’s head when wet), particularly a short sleeved one.  coolibar is the only place that esme has found to carry them.  she chose one in hot-pink (why not?) and is happy to report that it feels like nothing at all.  mind you, now she needs to splash sunscreen on her forearms or risk ending up with a construction-worker’s tan.  but the improved aerodynamics are totally worth it!

and what about ocean swimming?  when christophe first took up surfing, esme did some research on shark-attacks.  (well, wouldn’t you?).  she discovered that yellow, which would be a great wet-suit color for visibility, actually attracts sharks (it’s known as yum-yum yellow by the researchers).  she can only wonder what a shark would think of hot pink………

i guess i’ll stick to the pool,



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