by admin on May 19, 2012

each in our own orange

esme and mr. noir went for friday night dinner at the monterey peninsula yacht club, a completely non-snobbish organization of local sailors, eccentrics, and hangers-on (such as esme).  esme took the opportunity to give her dorothy dress an outing, even though she could just as easily have appeared in jeans and a t-shirt.  when you have as many clothes as esme has these days, you owe it to yourself to find every possible excuse to wear them!

i love my dorothy dress.  it makes me feel almost like a different person:  more romantic, more feminine, and yet somehow just a bit tough.  i paired it with a black cami, black suede sandals, and a black suede belt.  it would also look good with browns, but i didn’t have a compatible brown belt in my sadly lacking belt collection.  i dug up an old dkny blazer to wear on top, and then mr. noir and i got into a tiff because HE wanted me to wear my even older diana slavin blazer, which is great except for the ’80’s shoulders!  the things one finds to fight about—good grief!

the dorothy dress is some kind of fabulous variation on orange that manages to look good on esme.  dorothy (designer of the quelques choses line) creates her own colors.  they tend to be a bit muted and quite original:  you just will not find anything like them in the department stores, unless you happen on the quelques choses line.  (note that dorothy will be opening her shop, chartreuse, in her new location in the carmel plaza on may 23—just go to the second floor where talbots used to be!).

but the funny thing was, at least half the ladies at the mpcy were wearing some variation on the theme of orange!  mr. noir was kind enough to take an iphone photo of a handful of us, each in a different shade.  i guess orange is not over yet!

enjoying my personal orange,



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