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icelandic shoes with swedish tights

just look at this fantastic shoe/stocking combination!  have you ever seen anything so cool?  esme and mr. noir encountered these gams in a little palo alto restaurant, where a darling family of 4 was seated next to us.  they looked distinctly non-american (which impression was confirmed by the fact that the young children did not make a peep) and began chattering away in some vaguely scandinavian tongue.

esme loves to guess things about people and she immediately started speculating about their origins:  swedish? (their colorful attire reminded esme of the swedish designer gudrun sjoden).  finnish?  the possiblity of icelandic even came to mind, as esme’s artist nephew is on his way to a program abroad in that very country at this very moment.

well, it’s much easier to compliment someone on their outfit when seated next to them in a restaurant than it is to stop them on the street, and so esme did.  the family was indeed from iceland (!) though living in palo alto.  the shoes and dress are by an icelandic designer called KRONbyKRONKRON, while the exotic tights are swedish, purchased in iceland.

a little on-line research reveals that reykjavik is a hotbed of fashion and design (who would have guessed?).  esme can only wonder whether the grim climate prompts designers to dream in vibrant colors in order to stave off the gray depressions attendant upon northern climes……


must alert nephew to shopping possibilities,



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