by admin on May 23, 2012

don't neglect to check your trash

esme debated this morning:  should she write a serious or a silly post?  life has been all too serious lately, so she decided that silly it would be!

so, yesterday esme was putting on her diamond studs (she wears them daily unless there is a compelling reason to wear something else) to go for a dog walk.  she was late, hunter was in a rush, and there was no time to spare, when…..she discovered she could find only one earring.  curses and damnation!  a brief search revealed…..nothing.  so she hurriedly slipped a little starfish earring in her other ear and off she went.  (note:  if your ears are pierced, you really don’t want to go more than a day or two without wearing something in your ears, or your ear-holes will start to close up).

it was not until she and mr. noir were watching the evening news that she remembered her mismatched ears and the reason behind them.  mr. noir suggested calling all the stores where she had shopped lately, but the last time esme had shopped with her studs on she was almost certain she was shopping for shoes, which, in most cases, one does not pull over one’s head!

so she turned on all the lights and searched her jewelry box and vicinity again.  this is when she realized that the carpet had been vacuumed just before she discovered that the earring was missing, and what is more, that the next day was garbage day.  there was nothing for it but to rip open the vacuum cleaner bag and paw through the dust and dog-fur.

you would not believe how sturdy those miele vacuum bags are.  not a bit of dirt was on the outside, they have about three layers, and well, no wonder they are so expensive!  esme hated to destroy one, but a diamond stud is a lot more precious even than a miele vacuum bag!  still, no diamond.

miele vacuum bag

even as dusk was falling, esme knew she would never forgive herself unless she searched the rest of the garbage. the earring could have fallen into the bathroom garbage (which is next to the mirror) while being put in or taken out.  and if esme didn’t do this now, her chance would be lost forever.  haunted by memories of having (as far as she can figure) thrown out an antique tiffany necklace, she put on her rubber gloves and undertook the loathsome task.  still no earring.

one last search of the (admittedly quite chaotic) jewelry box.  omg!  nestled inside of one of esme’s rings, hiding like a naughty child, there was the earring!!!!!

lessons learned:

always check your trash or you’ll never know your lost object was not in it.

do as i say and not as i do—insure your jewels!

organize your stuff so the nasty little critters have nowhere to hide.

never give up.

phew!!!  that was a close one!



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