by admin on May 24, 2012

chartreuse--sneak preview

this is going to be a quick one, because the noirs are headed back to l.a. to help christophe with housing.  his emergence into the world of reality has been both thrilling and shocking.  thankfully, he is eager for parental input—gotta love that kid!

so, esme went over to carmel plaza to check on dorothy, owner of chartreuse and quelques choses designer.  in addition to chartreuse, several new shops (including a much-anticipated upscale burger place owned by the well-known david fink) are opening in the plaza.  change is afoot, and it seems to be all for the good.

dorothy was not quiiiiite ready to open (give her until the weekend) but esme, being who she is, was able to get a sneak preview.  omg, that dorothy never ceases to amaze.  the old talbots space has been transformed.  you step into the shop and it’s like entering a magical forest of clothes.  you almost expect to hear a babbling brook.  esme was utterly transfixed by the displays.  her finger kept creeping out to stroke the tempting textures, while her eye admired the new colors and designs.

almost ready to roll - 40's-inspired dress

not wanting to distract dorothy from the daunting tasks ahead of her, esme did not linger.  but she anticipates another exciting visit when she returns from l.a.  see ya there!  let’s have a burger and do some serious shopping!

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