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travelin' togs

here’s esme on the way to l.a.  after realizing from last time that 1) west l.a. is not that hot, and 2) people wear black even in l.a. and even in the spring, she decided to take a different packing tack.  the weather in carmel was chilly, and there was even a possibility of showers down south.  esme put together a black and teal themed traveling capsule and left her white linen at home.

for the trip down she made the uncharacteristic choice to wear a skirt (j.jill wearever thanks to roz).  under and on top of this she layered a long black camisole that doubled as a slip.  over this she popped a new on-sale cut loose hoody with stripes on one side and polka dots on the other.  this hoody was actually the motivator for the entire outfit because it was so comfy and cheerful that esme couldn’t wait to give it an outing.

still she felt a chill, so at the last minute she added a short-sleeved black gap t under the hoodie and over the cami (!) and a pair of leggings under the skirt. ah, finally just right.  on went her arcopedico black wallking tennies, and off they went.

when esme awoke after a little snooze through monterey county (mr. noir driving), the temperature had risen.  so off came the leggings and t.   by the time they reached paso robles and esme took a turn driving, the hoody was history and esme was quite cool and comfy in just skirt and cami.  she threw her sun-shawl over her shoulders for skin preservation, and off they went again.

travelin' toes (with sun shawl)

this episode included two firsts for esme.  it was the first time she’d ever worn a skirt for traveling.  and the first time she’d ever put on more than 2 layers.  both were resounding successes, with one caveat:  due to her state of advanced middle age, esme might wear a rather more supportive/covering camisole next time (she was not altogether pleased with the state of her cleavage as viewed in the rest-stop mirrors…..although for better or for worse, she did garner a bit of male attention).

hey, taking iphone photos in the car is a great form of entertainment,




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