by admin on May 26, 2012

arcopedico shoes in titanium

when esme was having lots of trouble with her foot, the only shoes she could wear were a pair of arcopedico ankle boots.  indeed, they were so comfy and stylish that esme still wears them, even though her foot situation is much improved.  so she was quite delighted when one of her gym buddies was showing off a pair of arcopedico summer shoes in lime green that she had bought for travel.  ms. s. was wearing her arcopedicos with capris and a lime green sweater (if i recall correctly) and looked quite stylin’!

esme couldn’t wait to try on a pair.  both MARITA and LLOYDS carry them, and zappos also has quite a selection of colors (orange, fuchsia, lime green, titanium gray, as well as the usual black, tan, and navy).  esme debated between the black and the titanium.  the latter was really fetching, but esme figured she’d better start out with something that would go with most of her clothes.

she’s most pleased with these shoes, an alternative to sandals on a casual day.  note that zappos also carries them in a slip-on style.  esme tried these out.  very comfy but somehow a bit funny-looking on her foot.  the ties add a bit of hassle, but form a decorative element as well as allowing one to adjust the tightness.

so, any of you with foot problems, ditch your manolos and try a pair of these on before succumbing to despair!

or how about these?

skipping along in my arcopedicos,



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