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buona tavola in paso robles

oy!  after a smooth sail along the 5 going down to l.a., the noirs decided to take the more scenic 101 on the way back.  what a mistake!  traffic was stop-and-go from the 405 all the way past santa barbara.  3 hours to go less than 100 miles.  esme entered into one of those unpleasant traveling states where she felt like she would jump out of her skin if she didn’t get out of the car.

all this despite the fact that esme was perfectly pleased with her traveling outfit:  loose black cut-loose pants, j. crew t with hot pink accent, black sandals, and black duster in case of chill.  esme could not have been more comfortable in her clothes, but she was not comfortable in mind or body!

the only saving grace was that by dinner time the noirs were about to pass through paso robles. (for you iphone owners, note that esme could not make siri understand the name paso robles!)  mr. noir recalled a really good italian restaurant that we’d patronized in paso 2 years ago:  buona tavola.  even though it was a saturday night on memorial day weekend, we walked in and nabbed seats at the lively bar.  esme happens to love sitting at bars.  she finds the seats comfortable (they usually have nice foot-rungs).  she loves to watch the people.  and a tasteful display of beautiful bottles of booze has always turned her on. mmmmmm………

view from the bar

paso robles has great restaurants, fantastic wine-tasting, and an olive-oil bar which is worth a visit.  esme could only wonder if they’ve opened any clothing stores since the last time she visited.  at that time the shopping opportunities were zilch.

by the time we finished dinner we had a lovely drive through the deepening dusk.  traffic was minimal and an owl swooped down in front of the car so close that we had to swerve to avoid hitting it.  i could see it’s yellow eyes, and the underside of it’s feathers.  i have always wanted to see an owl!

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