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kind of like this: jean jacket and maxi-skirt

so esme received an email from a friend titled “emergency”.  uh oh, she thought…..someone has hacked into ms. l’s email and is sending one of those stranded-in-london-with-stolen-wallet-please-wire-cash scams.  but no.  this was a FASHION emergency!  esme’s chum l. was trying to decided what to wear for a casual first date that she didn’t want to blow.  she needed consultation urgently.

l. had in mind wearing a little denim mini-skirt.  esme had previously advised that such things are best worn with tights or leggings for women of a certain age, so l. had the leggings all picked out.  she had chosen a couple of t-shirt options:  one in a lovely blue with a discrete ruffle on one side, and the other in a pure red with buttons up the front and a v-neck.

esme loved both tops.  the colors were fantastic with l.’s startling blue eyes and pale skin.  but she was just not loving the mini-skirt.  ms. l. is on the thin side, and esme thought the skirt read girlish rather than sexy.  she suggested some black jeans.  l. had just the pair:  fitted but not overly tight and most flattering on the derriere.  a black cami to fill in the neckline of the blue t, a pair of black flats, and she was almost good to go.

fab figure in cami and black jeans

but we’re talking carmel, and l. would need a jacket of some sort.  esme queried her about jean jackets.  not in her repertoire.  as luck would have it, esme had noticed a nice little jean jacket by daughters of the revolution at anthropologie just the other day.  they set off on an impromptu stroll to carmel plaza to check it out.

well, my goodness. l. fell in love with the jacket at first sight.  and then she saw the salesperson wearing it with a maxi-skirt–fab!  on went that jean jacket and it fit  like a glove.  sold!  and wearable with almost everything in l.’s closet.  dress it up with a maxi-skirt, or down with old jeans for walking the dog.  it even had pockets!

now esme is waiting with baited breath for reports on the date.

so let’s see if she can generate some guidelines for first-date attire.  first rule:  wear something that’s flattering!  second rule:  wear something in which you feel comfortable.  third rule:  straddle the fence between provocative and discrete.  esme tends to go for the discrete side (but with hints that an observant eye will pick up immediately).  when esme ran the scenario by mr. noir later in the evening he was all for the provocative and mourned the mini-skirt.  oh my, that’s guys for ya!  maybe next time we’ll bring mr. noir along to represent the male point of view.

happy to be of service,


p.s. esme was SURE she could find a photo of the denim jacket on-line but no such luck.  it’s really cute:  fitted but soft and stretchy, cropped high in back and lower in front.  if i find a photo i’ll let you know!


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