by admin on May 31, 2012

santa barbara style

here we are on the road again, celebrating our 25th anniversary!  the drive was a piece of cake compared to the drive to l.a., and here we are at a very nice hotel called the canary hotel.  it’s an old spanish-style building, recently remodeled—very luxurious with a rooftop pool.  right downtown, so we can walk to shopping and restaurants.

esme noticed immediately that santa barbara style is different from l.a. style.  the in-room magazine (805 living) shows a young blonde woman attired in shorts, lace stockings, black stiletto boots and a short black tunic, squatting in front of a painting.  people coming and going from the hotel are dressed to the nines (men in suit and ties, women in heels and stockings).  in contrast, street style seems to be shorts, shorts, shorts.

all the old geezers are wearing shorts (sorry but esme just cannot give her blessing to this look!), as well as all the young and even not-so-young girls.  one mother had two teenage daughters in tow.  both has white shorts up to their pupicks, one with white ruffles that bounced fetchingly over her behind as she walked.  every single guy, from the homeless to the business man (and even mr. noir) was agog.  call me prudish if you wish, but i just would not feel comfortable in such an outfit!  but hey, kudos to those who do.  (and how glad i am every once in a while that i don’t have a daughter!)

in addition to people-watching, the trip so far has been largely about eating.  it’s a paradise of restaurants here.  good thing they don’t make a travel scale, or esme would be in trouble!

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