by admin on June 1, 2012

a hot flash necklace?

ok so……we were dining in this fab santa barbara restaurant called bouchon when we encountered another couple celebrating their 25th anniversary.  i don’t know quite how this happened, but somehow the conversation turned to hot flashes.  of course we WERE drinking a bit of red wine, and the weather WAS quite balmy, but still…..

scallops three ways

omg.  we saw their scallops three ways and we just had to have some—delish!

we followed this with a grand rendition of rack of lamb with exotic vegi’s and grains.  in the meantime esme came up with a great idea:  an anti-hot-flash-necklace!  she imagined it might be a bit like those teething necklaces for babies.  you put them in the freezer for a bit and the infant mouthes them until they are no longer cold.  sometimes they have little fish and such inside.

of course a hot-flash necklace would have to look a bit more….classy.  what happens to amber or maybe jade if you put it in the freezer?  how long would it keep it’s cool?  and would it be prone to sweating on the wearer?  perhaps you could re-charge the cool with a little plug-in charger.

ok you scientists out there:  esme has given you the concept and now it’s up to you to get to work on the details!

keeping my cool,




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