by admin on June 2, 2012

gather ye roses......

you might look at current trends and say to yourself “must get one of those french sailor shirts….don’t want to look dated!”   or, if you are of a different mind-set you might think, “well, i don’t want to be trendy…..i’ll stay away from those maxi skirts, all that orange, the wild floral patterns….”

on the other hand, i prefer to look at a trend as an opportunity.  if a particular trend appeals to you/looks good on you/is something you’ve been wishing for for years……esme would say, jump on it!

buy multiple garments in all sorts of orange.  collect some floral patterned shoes.   think of a trend as a time when that particular item is abundant.   gather ye rosebuds while ye may. buy some basil and make pesto to put in the freezer for winter.  put your animal prints together in your closet and see if they’ll be friends. make a big bouquet of floral print blouses and set them in your bedroom. have i made myself clear?

esme herself wishes she had bought 2 of her striped maxi-skirts. that skirt is so comfortable and so stylish that i find myself making excuses to wear it.  and with each wearing compliments and appraising stares come my way.  i’m only worried that it will wear out from all that wearing!

gather ye maxi-skirts......

so readers, what are your favorite trends these day?

gathering my rosebuds,



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