by admin on June 3, 2012

open-weave summer sweater

here’s a trend that esme would like to jump on:  loose knit sweaters with a large open weave.  they are meant to be decorative (and to cover one’s arms) rather than to provide warmth.  esme recalls that (about a year ago) a reader asked what the heck the woman of a certain age was supposed to do about her arms in a season of sleeveless tops and dresses.  well, the loose knit sweater is a great solution.

to her regret, esme passed up such a sweater at pacific rim.  it was by cut loose and matched her top in the same blue.  the weave was very large and it could have served as a third piece to tie together her top and whatever bottom she wore.  by the time esme decided she really did want it, she arrived at the store only to find it being folded up in a shopping bag for the previous customer!  ah well.

not long after this, esme spied some transparente (that’s a clothing line) sweaters that had just appeared on the sale rack.  one was in white and the other in purplish.  esme was musing that she would love one of these in black when vicki (one of esme’s favorite salepersons) told her that the black one had walked out of the store not 2 minutes before!

trying on transparente sweater

so esme has been on a little quest for just the right example of the loose-knit sweater.  i would say that their volume is diminishing rather than increasing, so if you want one for yourself, better go out there and shop!

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