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james perse from saks

ok…esme will confess that she did just a teeny little bit of shopping in santa barbara.  she was rather disappointed that some of the boutiques she recalled from past years no longer existed (BLUE BEE  was one).  mostly there were big box stores.  but, coming from carmel, esme was very excited to discover a large saks and a large nordstrom, with big name designers that you can’t find anywhere near here.

the saks (we had one in carmel several years ago but alas it is long gone) was particularly compelling.  sales on designer apparel—armani, prada, and the like.  esme fell in love with a light gray cashmere scarf (armani i think), but mr. noir was not enthused.  she wound up with a pretty great james perse blouse, and a taupe saks brand cashmere and silk sweater which she’ll probably return because it doesn’t go with anything in her closet.  both were seductive in their sensual appeal—very soft and comfortable even though fitted.  esme could have shopped for hours more, but she finally succumbed to hunger and fatigue (omg she just about collapsed) and had to take a break for lunch, which ended up with a nap, and by that time it was cocktail hour and then it was time for dinner!

the previous day she had found a fetching little gingham blouse (navy and white) for $15 at one of the few remaining boutiques.  this looked quite fine with her white theory trousers from last summer (or would be great with white jeans for you jeans people).     esme is beginning to think that one can find the best clothes in the southland for the ridiculous price of $15 (same price as her now favorite striped maxi-skirt).  and for those of you who don’t remember it from your childhoods, this is what gingham looks like:


gingham, btw (along with prints of almost any stripe)  seems to be another trend this summer.  indeed, the front desk personnel at the canary hotel were all wearing adorable gingham shirts!


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