by admin on June 5, 2012

trenches from israel

so….a friend of esme’s is about to embark on a much-anticipated trip to london, rome, paris, and other european cities, followed by a little side-trip to israel.  although the trip is some weeks away, ms. z. told esme that she was already packed–imagine!  of course esme had to inquire what she had packed:  tank tops, shorts, skirts, comfortable shoes, and a sweater.  she was still looking for the perfect dress (ideally polka dot with a nipped waist—does this sound familiar??).

esme could not help being concerned about what would become of ms. z. in the event of rain or chill.  esme herself never travels without some sort of coat or duster.  when ms. z. averred that her suitcase could not hold one more thing, esme reassured her that what she really needed was just the right summer trench coat, and that she could wear it quite happily on the plane.

esme herself has been looking for a trench for some years now.  she has yet to find the perfect one.  however, she’s seen several that she could totally imagine on ms. z, a person who loves a pop of bright color now and then.  nordstrom’s carries quite a few.  j.jill had some in the spring (maybe you could find them on sale?).  the modern-day trench is not the sober thing you might remember from your childhood, but a practical item that can also be fun and colorful.  just look at these!

bright trench coats

and while we’re at it, maybe esme needs to go on a trench-quest herself!

you never know when it might rain on your parade (hey, it rained so hard here yesterday that hunter refused to walk on the mission trail path!),



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