by admin on June 6, 2012

t by alexander wang pants and floral duster

just as it behooves a shopper to stock up on on-trend items while they are in abundant supply, so it can be frustrating when one wishes for a particular style, color, or article of clothing that is not in style.  esme has been having just such an experience recently.  she has been looking for a t-shirt or blouse in dusty rose to co-ordinate with a floral duster and olive pants that mr. noir gave her for mother’s day.  how hard should it be to find a top in dusty rose?  at this moment in the fashion time-line…..well-nigh impossible!

i suppose that dusty roses are out of season.  one can find all sorts of hot pinks, fuchsias, and even some very pale pinks, but nary a dusty rose in sight.  by the time this color is in season again, will esme still want it?

i plan to take a course in color theory come fall.  perhaps this will explain the vagaries of my imagined dusty rose.

roses in dusty rose

for now i’ll just have to put on my dusty rose colored glasses (can you tell that i love the phrase “dusty rose”?),



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