by admin on June 8, 2012

portrait of esme in blue

an odd thing about color is the way one finds one’s attraction to various shades shifting over the years.  esme has never been a blue person (perhaps because, in fact, she is prone to the blues).  she has always passed right over the blue sections on the clothing racks, heading straight for the purples, blacks, and greys.

but sometime this year she found herself mysteriously attracted to blue.  at first it was the purchase of a pair of navy pants.  she found that the navy pants paired up nicely with a couple of blue-toned blouses she’d had in her closet for years.  then she found herself dog-earing catalgues showing garments in colors such as “midnight blue”.  of course she notices anything called “french blue”, and she loves wearing her cut-loose t-shirt in a sort of simple, unnamed blue.

certain blues seem to do wonders for esme’s complexion.  blue tops pair nicely with tan and black pants.  esme particularly likes the darker, greyer versions of blue.

and wouldn’t you know it……i was reading my way through this month’s elle when what do i see (in the section on fall trends) but “the season’s standout color–BLUE”!

wonders never cease,



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