by admin on June 9, 2012

guys seem to like a bit of vpl

when my faithful reader phashion plate sent me a little story about the pro’s and con’s of the VPL i did a double-take.  vpl?  very pleasing leg?  uh…..volume plus line?…….mmmmm…….violet purple light?  i give up!  do YOU know what vpl stands for?

trust mr. noir.  he got it right away:  visible panty line!  gotcha!

so here’s the story that phasion sent:.

So, I thought I would relate a little story: The F.F.(note:  that’s phashion’s wife, the femme fatale) asked me what I thought of the sweatpants she had swiped from the M.F.F. (that’s Mere de la Femme Fatale).
P.P.: “well, I wouldn’t wear them to the office”.
F.F.: “Why not?”
P.P.: Because of the VPL
F.F.: VPL?
That’s right, she didn’t know the expression.  So you can check w/ Noir on this, but personally, I like VPL.  It’s just that little bit of lasciviousness that can be enticing.
so of course esme did check with mr. noir, and, wouldn’t you know it, he completely agreed with phashion plate.  you never know about men.  esme had always considered the vpl to be a negative.  indeed, it is one of the reasons that women resort to thong panties.  because esme herself cannot abide thongs, she tolerates a bit of vpl and just hopes no one notices!  she had certainly never considered that the phenomenon might be akin to a bit of cleavage……so now i guess esme will wear her vpl with pride and a tiny little smirk.
what do YOU think, readers????

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