by admin on June 11, 2012

pink and red

2012 has been a year when color and pattern have gone wild.  hot pinks have done the rumba with brilliant reds.  crazy florals have waltzed with ginghams.  stripes and polka dots have played tag all around the body.  (esme is still dying to create an outfit with stripes and polka dots together).  vibrant has been the word of the day, and the eye has had no rest.  esme rather worries about those prone to migraines or seizures, where zigzags and flashes of light can set off an episode.

stripes and polka dots

so what’s next?  esme imagines that fall may see a resurgence of black and gray, with a bit of blue thrown in for interest.  as she makes her shopping rounds, she finds herself drawn to gray again.  SHE (in the carmel crossroads) had the most wonderful assortment of garments in various grays:  blue-grays, purplish grays, green-grays, brown-grays….many with a lovely subtle sheen.

shades of gray at SHE

more shades of gray

what a relief for the eye!  esme found herself fantasizing about a big windy rain-storm, despite the fact that we’ve just begun to enjoy a few days of sunshine.

on the other hand, esme has been getting lots of wear from her graphic print black and white blanque blouse.  she substituted white pants for black just yesterday, added some black sandals with white piping, and was happy as a clam.  just the right punch of pattern to create a little pizzazz!

graphic blanque blouse

what about you, readers?  still loving the wild and crazy, or ready for some color-calm?

dreaming in luminous grays,



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