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silk boxers

is this a male vpl?

does such a phenomenon exist?  and if so, what do women think of it?  these were interesting questions posed by esme’s erudite college colleague, yves.  esme has not seen yves lo these many years, as he now resides in france.  however, judging by his facebook photos and posts, the man is quite the elegant gentleman.  so….this is what goes on in a gentleman’s mind……

esme had never really given much thought to the issue of the male vpl.  of course, she can’t help but notice the whacky fashion (still going strong after all these years) where guys wear pants so loose that they reveal just about everything.  esme saw one such young turk strolling down ocean ave. with a girlfriend, and she was sorely tempted to give those pants a yank!  however, in the end, she figured that was up to the girlfriend.  this is just the silliest trend around and i can’t imagine why it’s lasted so long.  i mean some of those guys can barely walk, much less run!  any clues?

then there is the issue of briefs vs. boxers vs. (these days i understand) thongs for guys.  the guys in esme’s family have always been boxers guys, so this is what esme prefers.  anyway, it’s better for one’s fertility.  esme rather enjoys shopping for boxers in interesting prints for mr. noir and christophe.  but she draws the line at visible boxers.  absolutely not!  indeed, for esme, a visible panty line on a guy indicates that his pants are way too tight!  ick!  and thongs for males?  double ick!  now silk boxers?  i’ve always thought those would be nice, and have even been tempted to buy some for myself!

esme will confess that she once had a boyfriend who wore nothing at all under his jeans.  quite good for the fertility i suppose, but it was not esme’s favorite thing about the relationship.

however, i’m sure that tastes in this department vary greatly, and esme is never one to judge a person’s taste (or at least she tries not to be).  opinions, ladies??  gentlemen??  others???

now noticing something new about men,



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