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listen to this (from

“We’ve come a long way from the days of rib-crushing corsets, but fashion can still be harmful.
 Skinny Jeans = Possible Nerve Damage
David Stuart/Getty Images
Skinny jeans have developed such a huge fashion following, they’ve even gotten their own workout. But did you know that too-tight jeans can be harmful to your health? According to, too-tight jeans can cause a condition called meralgia paresthetica,also known as “tingling thigh syndrome.”Another scary-sounding problem caused by too-tight jeans: jeans folliculitus, a type of skin irritation described in the New England Journal of Medicine. ”

now if that’s not enough to scare you away from tight jeans, check this out:

Sami Sarkis/Getty Images
Shapewear and panythose may make your body look amazing, but these restrictive undergarments can cause annoying yeast infections, according to Women’s Health from
well no wonder esme can’t stand tight clothing:  it’s BAD for you!  but when it comes to jeans, what are the alternatives?  esme has tried baggier and baggier jeans, only to find herself in danger of sporting the dreaded “mom jeans“.  or even worse, of having the jeans fall right off!  i mean, something, in the end, has to hold them up.  she has tried higher waisted jeans (in style at the moment), as these can be looser in the thighs—-comfy while standing, but often pinchy as soon as one sits.
you can begin to see why esme decided to give up on jeans altogether, at least for now.  but for you readers who are perfectly comfy in your jeans, count yourself lucky.  say a little prayer to the gods of fashion and bodies, and enjoy it while it lasts!
on the path to jeanslessness,





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