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slim cut loose pants (with long top)

after an initial period of distress and self-loathing, esme found that giving up jeans was actually liberating.  all sorts of new sartorial possibilities opened up before her.  she found herself using her imagination like never before in the composition of her daily outfits.

first she experimented with dresses and skirts accompanied by leggings.  one such outfit was very successful for traveling (see TRAVELING TOGS).  and certainly this was a good look for dining.  of course, the proportions of tops and t’s was all-important.  tops that look good with narrow jeans do not always look right with a maxi-skirt!  esme’s striped maxi-skirt works best with a short, fitted t, while her black maxi accommodates blouses with some volume.  esme’s long-sleeved gap t (practically a daily uniform when worn with jeans) has not seen an outing in awhile.

next esme explored the world of loose trousers.  apparently she has gone through a loose-pants phase before, because she found several quite useful examples in her closet.  loose pants are tricky.  they can easily end up looking shapeless and frumpy.  for esme, the trick is to find some that a have a.  interesting tailoring, and b.  a relatively narrow profile.  the brand cut loose seems to have quite a few that fit this bill.  esme’s current favorite is a cut loose trouser made of knit tencel blend.  it has a flattering “lantern” shape at the ankle, and manages to look slim despite an elastic waist and an airy crotch-seam.  ah….air!

tan cut loose trousers (with quelques choses blouse)

a second cut loose trouser in light tan has elastic at the back and a flat front (good idea!).  these pants are flaired and quite summery.  despite their volume, they work with many of esme’s t’s and some blouses.

esme found an attractive and serviceable pair of white linen-blend pants (by theory) from last summer.  these have a tailored waist band but are quite comfy, and go well with any top that has white in it.

the one thing that seems to be missing from this collection is a pair of loose pants in denim.  i know they are out there somewhere.  indeed, there is a pair at SYLVIE that i have my eye on.

have any of you out there experimented with loose trousers?  what have you found?

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