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fun hat

color jacket

the more esme learns about fashion, the more she realizes how much there is to learn.  however, it has come to her recently that she has developed an area of useful expertise:  she knows where to find what on the monterey peninsula.  she may even be able to give general guidance (if not an exact location) about where to find what in the larger universe of clothing shops.

here is a sample of some of the questions she has fielded lately:

where to find a colorful jacket or trench for not too much money (try the sale rack at j. jill):  found–a short fuchsia trench for a pop of color.

where to look for a fun straw hat for bridesmaids to wear to a themed engagement party (try target, forever 21):  scored, at forever 21.

who has johnny was  on sale (SHE and PACIFIC RIM): results pending!

esme ran into patty from SHE the other day while we were both walking our terriers.  she described the sad plight of a woman who was on a determined quest to find a blouse with bell sleeves and a bow!  she couldn’t find one anywhere!  while esme was unsure about the bow, she could have told this woman to check in at INAGO, where esme herself found a whimsical bell-sleeved blouse that is fun to wear as long as one is not cooking, washing dishes, eating, or any other activity involving use of one’s hands!

bring me your quests,




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