by admin on June 18, 2012

warm vs. cool colors

if you really want to know something about anything in the world of wardrobe analysis, you could not do better than to consult with denise swenson.   denise has been a guest presenter in esme’s fashion class more than once, and each time she speaks, esme is amazed at how much she knows.

here is just a bit of her wisdom on personal coloring.  she divides coloring into 3 aspects:  skin undertone, which can be warm or cool; value, which refers to how light or dark your coloring is; and intensity, meaning bright vs. muted.  one way of ascertaining undertone is to look at lip color.  a blue tone is cool, while a red is warm.

value (dark vs. light) will guide you in chosing dark or light colors.  esme finds that she looks better in dark colors (must be her dark eyes, hair and eyebrows!).  esme often notices that one of our local tv anchorwomen (erin clark) looks much better in light colors.

the intensity of your own coloring will suggest the intensity of clothing colors that will look best.  esme, with her freckled skin, tends to look best in muted colors these days.

and here’s an idea i’ve never encountered before:  to determine your best shade of white, look at your teeth.  never wear a white that’s whiter than your choppers!  i’ve been thinking about  this one a lot, as i find it difficult to wear a white that looks pleasing.

well, there’s a lot more wisdom where this came from, but i think i’ll stop here for now.

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