by admin on June 19, 2012

esme--1959 (ish) and 2012


sometimes the truth hurts.  esme had a daunting experience the other day to do with mr. noir’s increasing photographic skills.  he has been taking a course in photoshop and has been photographing up a storm.  esme had been feeling quite good about her appearance after mr. noir used her as a subject for a segment on portraits.

well, another impromptu shot was not quite so flattering.  indeed, even though esme had on her dorothy dress and her best smile, her wrinkles and blemishes stood out like beacons!  i will not even talk about wrinkles—these were crevasses!  esme stared at the photo in fascination.  really?  omg!

now esme can see why women of a certain age a.  wear their hair long enough to cover their necks, and b.  have work.  if anything might prompt esme to consider  a bit (nay a lot) of work, it was that photo.  well, for better or for worse, i don’t have to decided whether to show you the photo because mr. noir tore it up in little pieces and threw it in the trash.  i will admit that i rather would have liked to keep it as a souvenir…….perhaps by the time i’m 80, that photo would have been looking pretty good!

ah…if only one could do in life what one can do in photoshop.




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