LONGING FOR L.A. (and maxi-skirts)

by admin on June 20, 2012

striped maxi-skirt

never in a million years would esme have imagined that she’d have any desire whatsoever to visit l.a., much less a desire to return again and again.  but that’s what happens when your beloved only son (who still actually likes to interact with his aging parents) decides to put down roots there.

carmel is all well and good, very peaceful, beautiful and all that, but just this morning esme found herself wishing she had been able to attend market week in l.a.  if only the drive weren’t so long.  if only one didn’t have to worry about dog-sitting…….(same problem with paris, btw).

somehow or other, esme has gotten on the email list of a blog/website aimed at young los angelinas, called refinery 29.  let’s not worry about the fact that esme is 30 years too old for their intended audience; she still enjoys looking at the fashion photos.  every once in awhile she even finds a style she’d like to wear!

oohh i love this striped maxi-skirt!  look at the gorgeous color combo, and the way the stripes are different widths.  of course, a person nearing 60 would have to wear a different top, or perhaps just add a shrug (that top really is pretty cool), and esme would be in flats, and oh perhaps some leggings because of the slit…..

i’d have to say that the maxi-skirt trend is one of the best to come along in a while, and just in time for esme’s transition out of jeans.  and l.a. seems to be maxi-skirt CITY!

almost ready for a little road trip,



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