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white linen?

esme received a query from her sister roz asking for info. leading to the purchase of a white linen skirt—simple, mid-calf length–to be a foundation piece for roz’s summer wardrobe.  how esme loves a good quest!  especially if it’s for someone else!

you would think that such a garment would be a cinch to find.  however, having looked briefly for something similar in the spring, esme knew that the choices were few.  often it is the simplest and most basic pieces that are the hardest to find.  rather like trying to find an unruined craftsman or victorian house:  most have been gussied, gutted, and gummed up so that the original details have been lost in the shuffle.

come to think of it, a white linen skirt has an old-fashioned feel, doesn’t it?  esme can just picture ladies with parasols picnicking in white linen and puff-sleeved blouses…….

anyhoo…..esme had some notion about where to start.  she had seen a white linen skirt by cp shadesat SHE some months ago.

white linen by cp shades

sure enough, it was still there, and esme took a photo to show to roz.  while she was snooping in the crossroads shopping center, she had to peek into CARMEL APPAREL, where she found another skirt—it had most likely a bit too much detail and geometry for roz’s taste, but was worth a photo nonetheless.

white linen by tara vao

the designer was tara vao, which esme has only seen at this particular shop.  yet another example she spied online at talbot’s.

well, in the end it turned out that roz herself had found her skirt in the garnett hill catalogue (by eileen fisher).  that roz!  always a jump ahead.  still, esme thoroughly enjoyed the quest, and hopes that the data she turned up will be useful to anyone else out there seeking a white linen skirt.

simplicity rules,





this one won!


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