by admin on June 22, 2012

we were startled awake the other night by a strong smell of skunk.  esme leapt up to close the window, but the smell seemed to get stronger as the night wore on.  indeed, when esme awoke she found the disgusting and unmistakable perfume pervading the entire house!

esme happened to have a morning meeting and didn’t have time to do much investigating.  she did determine that the dastardly animal was not lodged in the basement, thank heavens!  she was a bit perturbed when she seemed to be smelling skunk throughout her meeting (was this in her imagination, or her jacket?).  her powers of concentration were not at their best.

when she came home and opened the front door, the smell was overpowering!  good grief!  had the skunk managed to sneak in through the dog door and spray the house?  however, as esme leashed up hunter for a long-delayed dog-walk, the source became evident:  that dog had been skunked!

a call to the groomer yielded good news and bad news.  yes, they had a de-skunking process for the dog.  no, it was nearly impossible to get the stuff out of furniture, fabric, wood, etc.  throw away the dog-bed, he admonished….and anything else that the dog had touched.  one couple had ruined their washer after throwing their bedding in for an emergency spin.   another client had had to buy a new mattress for themselves.  a scared dog will take refuge in the master bed, or failing that, in a closet.

throwing out your clothes

a closet???  omg!  one couple had had to throw out ALL THEIR CLOTHES and tear out the lining of their closet after their skunked dogs hid there in fright!  for a moment esme entertained a fantasy of throwing out all her clothes and starting over again (perhaps paid for by one’s homeowner’s insurance??).  oh the quests she could conduct!

well, 3 or 4 years ago this might have been fun.  but now?  what about her 20 year old silk blouses?  her hard-won crea dress?  her new collection of perfect cut-loose ensembles?  thank heavens we had kept our bedroom door closed!

in the meantime we’ve got all the windows open, the heat running, candles burning, and little jars of vinegar placed around the perimeter (recommended on-line).  things are better today than they were yesterday, though the sofa bed in our study (a.k.a. hunter’s room) may be toast.

anyone at esme’s meeting notice that she smelled a bit…..odd?




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