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kelly wearstler jeans at girl boy girl in carmel

esme had gone downtown yesterday in search of a new dog-bed and just happened to park near the store GIRL BOY GIRL (wherever did they get that name?).  how could she resist poking her little nose in, especially when they had a window display of lovely maxi-skirts in sheer creams and tans topped by white tank tops?

this store is not on esme’s regular route, perhaps because the clothes are a bit dressy and a bit pricey for her life-style.  however, once esme stepped inside she found a lot to see and feel.

theory blazers.  haute hippy dresses.  equipment blouses with interesting prints.  handknit sweaters for a cool day.  one thing that caught esme’s eye was a fantastic pair of skinny jeans in a large irregular black and white print.  if only esme were not suffering under a ban on jeans!

but esme lucked out.  a serious shopper just happened to be trying on these very jeans, as well as a number of other items that esme had picked out.  the shopper (who really could have been a model in her youth) was reluctant to be photographed in the jeans, but one of the sales girls happily offered to model them for esme.

it turns out that the jeans were designed by kelly wearstler, a woman who is well-known for her  interior design and has recently branched out into fashion.  esme could just imagine the fabric for these jeans as wall-paper, or perhaps a sofa-covering.  and just the right woman walking down the street in said jeans would have all she passed whipping their heads around to look at both her jeans and her figure!

i’ll tell you something funny.  esme could just imagine one of her favorite fashion bloggers wearing these jeans!  they would be perfect for angie cox of!  not that angie needs advice from esme:  she is one of the best dressers around.  but what does it mean when one fashion blogger starts fantasizing about finding an outfit for another?  what do you think, angie?


wouldn't angie look fab in kelly wearstler jeans?


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