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fashion bloggers having fun

esme is thrilled to discover that she’s becoming part of a little on-line world of talented and friendly fashion bloggers.  she follows angie cox on, imogen lampert of, jill chivers of myyearwithoutclothesshopping, and vivienne of the viviennefilesblogspotcom.  if i recall correctly, i stumbled onto angie’s blog a few years ago, and was referred to the others by her friday section called share the wealth.

one can like these blogs on facebook, or sign up to receive email alerts for their postings.  (you can also sign up to receive email alerts for esme!).  esme studies almost every word these lovely ladies write, and has learned a great deal in the process.  but what is really thrilling is that she has begun to have some back-and-forth conversations with her fellow bloggers, and feels part of a virtual fashion community!

the idea of networking with colleagues is big these days.  and what fun to do it on-line with people from all over the world!   however, in conversations with local shop-owners, designers and others in the fashion business, esme has found out that the retail and design world, in contrast to the blogging community, is prickly and suspicious.  designers are reluctant to talk to other designers.  shop owners are afraid to go into other shops (indeed, one was told not to come back!).  talk is conducted sotto voce, with hand covering the mouth just in case there are lip-readers around (just kidding)!

whispered secrets

esme finds this trend not only disturbing but sad.  she knows the economy is still shakey and competition for the customer’s dollar is intense.  but what a perfect way to take the fun out of an inherently fun industry!  and how very lonely!  it almost reminds esme of one of the most difficult aspects of being a therapist:  at work, one talks only to one’s clients, and never about oneself.  esme dealt with this issue by working with a large group (kaiser, to be exact).  one of the best things about the job was the opportunity to consult (and gossip) with one’s colleagues at the drop of a hat.

oh i know i’m surely naive, but can’t we all just be nice?  i have worked on training hunter to understand this command (be nice) by rewarding him with treats when he interacts in a friendly manner with other dogs.  and do you know what—he gets it!

esme would welcome other observations/points of view on this matter.

trying to just be nice,



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