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petit pois skirt and babette top

esme has done quite the bang-up job of shopping for her own summer wardrobe, and it’s time for her to shop for someone else.  ms. l. was kind enough to volunteer.  due to extenuating circumstances and a frugal mentality, ms. l,’s closet has suffered from a clothing deficit.  a wee divorce, and a teensy little cancer scare with a not-so-teensy cure never dampened ms. l’s spirits.  however, they did cause her to neglect her shopping responsibilities.

now ms. l. is full of beans and ready to shop!  she has been hoping to find some skirts and dresses to try but nixed anything maxi.  esme had been fantasizing about seeing ms. l. in a diane von furstenburg wrap dress.  her figure is trim and athletic, and unlike esme, she likes her clothes on the tight side.  so we stopped in at PALOOSH on ocean ave.  a couple of dvf’s in subtle blue prints would have looked smashing on l.  she agreed, but there was absolutely nothing esme could do to persuade her to try one on:  she knew that once she had it on, she’d buy it, and it was not within her current budget.

how different we all are!  esme herself would have tried a few on, maybe come back a couple more times, obsessed about the dresses for weeks, driven the sales people nuts, perhaps ended up buying a dress and perhaps not!  but let me tell you i could feel ms. l’s strength of character as we walked out the door of PALOOSH.

esme did want to introduce ms. l. to the 50% off rack at PACIFIC RIM.  even though most of their clothes are on the voluminous side, esme had one fitted skirt by petit pois in mind and hoped that it was still there.   jackpot!  there was one left in ms. l.’s size and she grabbed it excitedly!  in consultation with the owner (maryanne) she matched it with a wonderful black mesh top by babette (this would go with absolutely EVERYTHING).   in addition she found a lovely pair of grey cargo pants, and a polka dot cooby bra reputed to be the most comfortable bra ever.

babette top and gray cargoes

omg.  ms. l.  looked terrific in everything!  she barely obsessed at all before whipping out her wallet and taking home the makings of at least 3 or 4 outfits, most at 50% off.  now THAT is shopping!

we made the rounds of a few more stores and ms. l.  collected a few more things (a wonderful black-and-white striped cami from ANTHROPOLOGIE and a vivid blue tee from J. CREW) before heading home to put up our feet.  esme was able to report to mr. noir that she had shopped all afternoon and not bought a single thing for herself!

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