by admin on June 28, 2012

young male with mohawk

while esme was eating frozen yogurt the other day she saw a little boy (oh maybe about six years old) sporting a shaved head of dark hair topped with a dramatic bleached blond mohawk.  one couldn’t help staring, and wondering which parent had approved this one.

the sight reminded esme of a topic she’s been wishing to address for some time:  the female mohawk.  one does not encounter the female mohawk at the frozen yogurt shop (or if one does, one is not aware of it).  it takes the rarified atmosphere of a women’s locker room (or a doctor’s office) for the female mohawk to become evident.

how to address this truly intriguing topic without sliding towards either pornography or prudishness?  all esme can say is that over the last several years, women seem to be using their imaginations (as well as their waxers, threaders, shavers, and laserers) when it comes to personal grooming styles.  and i am not talking about 20 year olds!  these are people in esme’s own general age-group.  a careful sociological study is in order.

esme herself prefers (well naturally) a tidy but more “natural” style…. although mr. noir has been known to prick up his ears at the mention of the female mohawk.  esme’s own darling nephews sported mohawks for a while, but it’s hard to imagine esme’s sisters doing so (well, i take that back….with one exception).

enough said:  i’ll leave the details to your imaginations!  and no, i won’t post a photo!

esme welcomes feedback and observations, but do keep it…..tidy…..this is a family blog after all!

fashion wonders never cease,



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