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spring step bumblebee

esme had some errands to do in pacific grove and figured she owed it to herself to stop in at MARITA’S.  MARITA’S carries many of esme’s favorite lines:  cut loose, kedem, and the like.  she also has a shoe store with loads of comfy but stylish european-type shoes.

a friend turned esme on to the shoe brand spring step.  MARITA’S  is the only place around that carries this brand (as far as i know).  esme has had her eye on a couple of wacky pairs that she thinks might complement her various blue-toned pants.  the clog version is called a lollipop, while the mary jane is named the bumblebee.  both are chunky and colorful, but MARITA’S was out of stock at present.

so of course esme had to peek her nose into the clothing store.  this is a huge space so crammed with fashion that it could take one days to sort through it all.  a quick perusal lead esme to the sale rack (right by the dressing rooms) where she encountered the most lovely group of shoppers.

a stand-out among them was a charming lady perhaps 20 years esme’s senior.  she was just a bit taller and thinner than esme, and both were sorting through the “small” section.  well this lady looked quite smashing in almost everything she tried on.  and her enthusiasm was contagious.  she and esme swapped a few pieces and had a great time deciding who looked better in what.  when esme explained that she herself didn’t really need any more clothes, another lovely lady opined from the dressing room “when did that ever have anything to do with it?” (!)

co-shopping at MARITAS in pacific grove

oh my, these were shoppers after esme’s own heart!  well, esme could have kept trying and trying, and she would have loved to stay to see everyone else try on everything they had picked out, but her feet were beginning to bother her, and her blood sugar was getting low.  she came away with a cute little white sweatshirt material jacket that will go with her various blue garments, and the happy feeling that some people just look better and better in their clothes as they age!

esme prays that she will be among them,



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