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kim weston's painted photography

perhaps you’re not aware that carmel started out, not as an expensive tourist destination, but as a small colony of painters, writers, and other eccentrics.  many fled the big city after the 1906 earthquake, hoping for a simpler, freer life down the coast.

something that surprised esme when the noirs first moved to carmel is that many of the current inhabitants have long-time ties to the area and it’s artistic beginnings.  not only do children live (and go to school) in carmel, but many are the descendents of families that have been in the area for generations.

one such family is the westons.  we met gina and kim weston some years back, as christophe went to high school with their son.  kim (grandson of the renowned edward weston) is known for his black and white photographs of nudes.  he has recently been developing an original technique where he begins with a black and white photograph and paints on top of it, resulting in unique, one-of-a-kind pieces.  some are hauntingly beautiful, some disturbing.  we went to the opening, hung out with the local art crowd, and admired the works.

esme was fascinated to learn that gina has been a model for her husband for years.  what a wonderful thing to be your spouse’s muse!  esme so began to wish that mr. noir had taken up photography a bit earlier in life.  gina explained that she does less modeling now than in the past.  kim has a haunting series of eyes for which she is the model.  image your husband gazing into your eyes for hours, days at a time as he perfects his works!

esme's photo of kim weston's painted photo of gina's eyes

ah for the artistic life….does blogging count?



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