by admin on July 3, 2012

needs a shrug!

sleeveless dresses with wide skirts have been catching esme’s eye and pushing her desire button this summer.  the brand comfy makes one with black polka dots on a taupe background, and esme found one in a flattering coral-y orange by inizio.  perhaps this is what happens when one forsakes jeans!

while the shapes, fabrics and colors of these frocks are fab, esme is not keen on the sleevelessness.  her arms have seen better days, and it’s usually too chilly in carmel to even think about going sleeveless.  (and on the few days when one does think about it, one will live to regret it by afternoon!)

so, what to do to cover one’s arms?  esme has been on a little quest for just the right shrug.  she found one by comfy at PACIFIC RIM, but the heather gray color did not suit her.  the shape was interesting:  these shrugs are meant as “sleeves”, which translates into a sort of bikini for the arms that just skims the outside border of one’s breasts.  the feeling takes awhile to get used to… keeps trying to tug them over one’s cleavage.  but actually, if you just leave them be, they are rather flattering.

comfy shrug

esme has found a similar but more generous version at SOMA.  these come to the elbow, but cover the bust.  several colors are on sale at the moment, but none of them quite right for yours truly.  i am trying to decided whether to pay full-price for a black one.

shrugless for now,


soma shrug


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