RED WHITE AND BLUE (of course)

by admin on July 4, 2012

red white and blue?

esme awoke feeling lazy this morning.  she was not going to post a blog (horrors!) and she was planning to wear pink, gray and white to an afternoon bbq.  however, one glance at 2 of her favorite bloggers and she changed her mind on both accounts.  angie cox (now living in seattle but originally from holland) shows various combinations of red, cream, white, blues, her only rule being that the red has to be red!  and imogen lampert, who is australian for heavens sakes, showed classic american flag outfits.

ok, esme, you can do this!  esme dug out her electric blue skinnies, her only 2 red tops, a white tee and a white jacket, a jean jacket, her red coat (too wintery but very red) and mixed them up.  it’s apparent that her current wardrobe is lacking in red….and she hasn’t even gotten to the shoes!

or how about all white, with a blue necklace and esme’s one pair of red shoes (clogs)?

which will it be??

happy 4th of july!


white white and white with a bit of blue and red (apologies for the wrinkles!)

more red white and blue


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