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esme has been an avid VOGUE reader for lo these many years.  in the beginning she read with guilty pleasure.  then with open fascination.  now she reads with an eye for research.

fatigued by the riot of color and pattern exploding over the last few fashion seasons, esme had predicted a return to a kinder, gentler look.  apparently she was premature (or maybe just off).

this month’s VOGUE proclaims:  “fall is going to blow in like a gale, on the winds of what we’re calling HYPERFASHION–all the best pieces EXAGGERATED….prints are KINETIC.  fabrics are slicked up or metallicized….chic is a CONFIDENCE game.  go big or go home.”  (!!!!!!!)

or this?

how about this?

hey, you didn’t have to SHOUT!   i got it already!

so what’s a small, somewhat shy, middle-aged lady to do?  i am NOT going home, i’ll tell you that much.  i do like a couple of things about the trends for fall.  one is the bigger, looser silhouettes.  perhaps the days of tight-sleeved blazers are over for awhile.  and i like the appearance of red.  indeed, here’s an outfit i could almost imagine wearing:

big and red







how about you?

trying not to shout,



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