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speckled eggs

while some grandmothers end up with porcelain skin after wearing hats all their lives, esme’s grandmother and her sister spent their later years taking in the rays on the florida beaches. like esme, they had inherited their red-headed mother’s skin, if not her hair. one could have fallen asleep counting the freckles on one of their arms.

now, whenever esme looks at her own outdoor-swimming-pool skin, she thinks of her grandmother. esme is threatening to become one big freckle!

esme had really never considered the idea that the texture of one’s skin can influence how one should dress.  but trust imogen lampert to call attention to this issue, and to explain it with marvelous simplicity.  here is what she has to say:

“If you have freckling that you don’t love, or age spots and want to make them look less obvious, when you’re looking at solid colour garments, look for fabrics that have an inbuilt pattern like marle, or those with a fine to medium texture.”

salt and pepper

between her salt-and-pepper hair, and her speckled-egg skin, esme has nary a solid-colored place on her body (save those few parts never exposed to the sun).  no wonder she has been drawn to polka dots!  and rough linen.  or knits with nubby textures.

how esme does admire those with a smooth, uni-color epidermis (take ms. m., for example)!  on the other hand, she just came back from her dermatologist who told her that her skin is just fine!  amazing! not a jot nor a tittle needed to be burned, carved, lasered, or otherwise removed.  he did suggest a sunscreen of 100.  apparently recent research shows that sunscreen is only half as effective as it’s spf number.

embracing my dots,



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