by admin on July 7, 2012

orange frock and mulit-colored jacket

i hate to keep going on and on about orange, but orange is still on my mind.  i’ve just succumbed to an orange frock by inizio, topped by a mulit-colored jacket by aventures.  i am really liking orange mixed with various blues.  if only i had some orange shoes, or maybe some blue shoes, or maybe even some orange-and-blue shoes!  if do have my eye on a pair of multicolored clogs by spring step.

the noirs were set to attend a retirement party for one of mr. noir’s colleagues, and this gave esme the perfect excuse to wear the orange dress.  she and mr. noir spent like an hour trying on various necklaces and earrings to accessorize it.  that is, esme tried on the necklaces and earrings, and mr. noir opined.  he is known to have VERY firm views on the subject, and esme did not want to get on his bad side.

various silver, gold and even turquoise necklaces looked quite fetching with the frock.  but once the jacket was added, it was all too busy.   esme and husband finally settled on a pair of silver earrings in the shape of a spiral, and a bare neck.  esme added an orange cami for warmth, and reverted to her all-purpose mephisto sandals.

orange and turquoise

she felt quite orange and breezy all day and into the evening.  and a quick stop in the shops revealed LOTS of orange in the new fall merch.  i guess orange is here to stay for awhile, especially the cinnamon flavors.

in shades of orange,




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